Shimmering Heart Designs

Cheyenne Chefe'

     Visionary artist Cheyenne Chefe' is known for her vibrant colors, clean lines and bold images.  Inspired by her love and reverence for indigenous cultures and ceremony, plant medicines, the chakra system, sacred geometry and a fervent desire to create beauty out of pain, she birthed Shimmering Heart Designs.   

      From there evolved a full line of ceremonial inspired gifts for you, your altar and those you love.

     Cheyenne often creates paintings with cross cultural images and symbols, pushing the envelope of religious dogma and belief systems.  Each piece is an expression of the healing in her life, of the Divine choreography that transpires out of a sincere prayer and of the deep gratitude she has for the medicine ways that have transformed her life.  Her intent is to create Art For Your Heart, that you might gaze at an image and a place in your heart opens something up for you: healing, joy, love, reverence, connection, faith, miracles, transformation, inspiration‚Ķ